“He can play for any team in the world.” Who?

Jose Bordalas, manager of Getafe in the Spanish Primera Liga, confessed that the team has too big a striker to handle. Who is it.

It was Mason Greenwood. He was a highly anticipated striker for Manchester United in the English Premier League. After serving in the youth league of Manchester United, he joined the first division of Manchester United and gained attention as a striker who will take responsibility for the future of Manchester United. However, he was accused of sexual assault and sparked controversy over sexual crimes.

Greenwood was acquitted after a long legal battle by dropping charges of sex crimes. He was found innocent, but Manchester United refused to accept Greenwood. Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag wanted Greenwood, but he could not ignore negative public opinion.

In the end, Greenwood was abandoned by Manchester United last summer, and now he is on loan from Getafe. Greenwood’s performance in La Liga was brilliant. He has scored five goals in a total of 15 matches this season. Compliments are continuing for Greenwood. It was also praised by Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), one of the best strikers in La Liga.

Coach Bordalas, who has such greenwood, expressed his feelings that he is happy, but on the other hand, he feels pressured.

He said through Spain’s Marca, “Greenwood is such a talented player. When Greenwood’s condition reaches 100 percent, we will be able to confirm his true level. Greenwood undoubtedly has the quality and strength to play for any club in the world.”

“I know the level that Greenwood can reach. It’s not impossible for a club like Getafe to have a player of this level, but it’s a complicated thing,” he confessed. Getafe means that a small club is too big a player to hold.

Lastly, Bordalas said, “I want to focus on the current situation. We are focusing on Greenwood. We have a great player in Getafe, he is a good person, and he has integrated well into the team. I still lack Spanish, but I just need to learn more. We are happy to have Greenwood. I am very satisfied.”


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