Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Organizing Committee “Minimize the burden of dispatched officials”

The Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Organizing Committee announced on the 5th that it will minimize the burden on municipalities in response to protests by municipal unions and workplace councils in the province against the dispatch of public servants.In an “explanatory material” on the day, the organizing committee explained that it had reduced the number of government employees dispatched to municipalities to 350 from the original 400, and placed them as close as possible to the original institutions, taking into account the burden of accommodation costs.In addition, the government will consider whether non-civil servants can be used as substitutes, taking into account the nature and difficulty of the work.

The municipal and county officials dispatched to the tournament will be provided with food according to their working hours and cold-proof items such as five types of cold-proof uniforms and scarves worth about 700,000 won. However, travel and accommodation expenses will be paid by the dispatching municipalities in consideration of equity with the 1,500 central government, related organizations, soldiers, police, and firefighters who support the workforce under the same conditions as municipal and county officials.On April 4, the Gangwon Provincial Civil Servants’ Union and Workplace Council issued a statement condemning the organizers for ignoring the difficult conditions of each county and demanding the dispatch of 400 workers.They called for direct payment of travel and accommodation expenses for the 스포츠토토존 dispatched workers and compensation measures.

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