Game 3 of PO

Yongin Samsung Life Insurance said in a press release on the 13th, “We have prepared various prizes and events for the third home game of the playoffs against Asan Woori Bank at Yongin Gymnasium at 7 p.m. on the 14th.”

First of all, announcer Park Soo-mi will sing the national anthem before the game, while cheerleading leader Kim Joo-joo will perform a pitching performance. After the introduction, the players will present Oyes directly to the fans.

At half-time, he prepared an event with actor Oh Seung-hoon. Oh is a basketball player-turned-actor and appeared in Dokjeon 2. In May, he will also appear in the 10-episode period drama Uncle Samsik. Through the event, he will deliver WKBL sports cards as gifts to fans in stadiums.

In addition, Samsung Life Insurance has prepared WKBL sports cards, accommodation tickets for Yongpyeong Resort, Everland passes and onjambaege, Leaders Mask Pack, Buffalo Tumblr, and Buffalo Camping Chair as event prizes during the game.

Meanwhile, reservations for Samsung Life Insurance’s home games can be purchased through the WKBL website and WKBL app, and on-site purchases on the day of the game are also available.


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