Florida House Gambling Bill To Discuss Renewal Of Tribal Agreement

The much-anticipated Florida gambling law was in crisis after being postponed a few weeks ago. Now, the bill has been added to the Commerce Commission’s agenda on Monday, giving hope of resuming contracts between Florida and the Florida Seminole Tribe.

Sunday’s General Bill HB7076 proposed by the Tourism and Game Control Subcommittee and Chairman Mike Larosa has been added to the Standing Committee agenda. The bill was introduced on Jan. 30 and referred to the committee on Feb. 6, but was postponed as it prioritized this legislative session in response to the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

If approved, the House Gambling Bill would guarantee the state a minimum of $3 billion over the next seven years, as a compact that specifically includes the tribe determines a revenue-sharing agreement between the two parties. One-third of the seminol revenue will be provided to students from low-income families, also known as Hope Schools. Tribes will also make annual donations of more than $250,000 per facility.

Parimutool facilities in the state will not be allowed to offer so-called “designated player games” similar to the hybrid of poker and blackjack. Tribe has long rejected this type of game and has sued the state, claiming it is too similar to blackjack, which effectively infringes on Seminole’s exclusive rights. The House of Representatives wants to ban designated player games, but the Senate wants to allow them by the Hertrisson Industries Committee, which has now submitted a 90-page amendment.

Florida House and Senate battle over gambling laws
On February 12, the Senate Finance Tax Appropriations Subcommittee approved the Husson Bill, which would allow Paris Mutual to provide designated player games. The proposal for a designated player game is not the only one that the Florida Senate and Florida House of Representatives disagree with.

The House bill does not mention decoupling, but the Senate allows it. This is the idea that dog tracks no longer need to provide live greyhound racing to provide gambling services (such as card games or slots). Of course, there is great opposition from greyhound owners and breeders.

The Senate bill also allows legalization of fantasy sports websites, while extending tribal monopolies to provide blackjack and roulette. 온라인카지노

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