EPL sells TV broadcasting rights in the UK, reaching record high jackpot of 11 trillion won


The English Premier League (EPL), considered the world’s best professional soccer league, signed a contract for TV broadcasting rights in the UK worth 6.7 billion pounds, the highest ever, or about 11.0936 trillion won in Korean money, according to AP. Bloomberg News and the BBC reported on the 5th (Korean time).

The EPL decided to give live broadcasting rights for a total of 270 games per season to existing broadcasting rights companies Sky and TNT broadcasters and receive 6.7 billion pounds over four seasons starting from the 2025-2026 season.

The total size has far exceeded the current contract worth 5 billion pounds over 3 seasons.

Even when calculated by dividing it by the broadcasting rights fee per season, it is larger than the existing contract.

According to AP, the new contract’s broadcasting rights fee is approximately 1.675 billion pounds per season, which is 15 million pounds more than the current contract’s 1.66 billion pounds.

Sky said, “This broadcasting rights contract is the largest sports media rights contract concluded in the UK.”

The EPL, which is recognized as the world’s best professional soccer league both in terms of performance and commercial performance, once again showed the ‘gap’ with other major European leagues through this contract. 카지노사이트랭크

AP reported, “(In terms of broadcasting rights fees for one season), this EPL contract is twice that of the German, Spanish, and Italian leagues.”

The EPL’s unrivaled status is expected to become more prominent through new overseas broadcasting rights contracts to be concluded in the future.

The BBC analyzed, “The EPL received ‘slightly more money’ and sold ‘significantly more games’ than under the existing contract, and the EPL, which believes further growth in TV revenue will come from overseas markets, will be satisfied with these figures.” .

“The new contract increases the value of broadcasting rights by around 4%,” the EPL Secretariat said, adding, “It will provide financial certainty to all clubs until 2029.”

Meanwhile, Amazon, which currently broadcasts 20 games per season focusing on Christmas and Boxing Day, did not participate in this bid, Bloomberg reported.

Bloomberg reported, “Amazon did not want to bid for the number of games proposed by the EPL. Amazon is focusing on broadcasting the UEFA Champions League (UCL) throughout the season starting next season.” 섯다

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