Enlistment on the 29th of next month

Lee Dong-kyung (Ulsan) and Lee Dong-joon (Jeonbuk), former members of the Korean national soccer team, are known to have finally passed the Gimcheon Sangmu.

According to News 1 on Friday, Lee Dong-kyung, Lee Dong-joon, Maeng Sung-woong (Jeonbuk), Lee Hyun-sik (Daejeon), and Kim Seung-seop (Jeju) passed the second round of the Korean Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangju) in 2024. The ministry conducted physical fitness measurements on 59 players through document screening last month and selected 20 players thereafter. 토토사이트넷

An official from the soccer community said in News 1, “The military sports department has recently notified only individual players of the successful applicants after notifying their teams and Gimcheon clubs,” adding, “It is not easy to identify successful players in Gimcheon.”

“We can create a system and manual for selecting players and ask for necessary players, but we have not heard any information on selecting players,” Sangmu coach Chung Jung-yong said. “All confirmed players are fully qualified to be selected.”

Players who have passed the military athletic competition, including Lee Dong-kyung and Lee Dong-joon, will join Gimcheon after joining the military on May 29. Gimcheon won the K League 2 title last year. It is cruising smoothly with two wins and one loss in this season’s K League 1. Gimcheon will face Suwon FC in the fourth round of the 2024 Hana Bank K League 1 at Suwon Stadium in Gyeonggi Province at 4:30 p.m. on May 30.

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