“Discipline victim for ‘dignity’…angry Seoul fans protest at soccer hall”

Kim Chan-hee, a fan of professional soccer’s K League 1 FC Seoul, in her 20s, staged a one-person protest in front of the Seoul Football Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on the 17th in response to the “water bottle throwing” discipline.

Kim picketed in front of the soccer center because he believes the punishment handed down to Incheon United and Seoul by the Korean Professional Football Association’s punishment committee on the 16th was unfair.

After Seoul’s 2-1 victory over Incheon on Nov. 11, Seoul goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom roared at the Incheon supporters’ section, prompting more than 100 angry Incheon fans to throw water bottles onto the field.

The FSC imposed a 20 million won fine and a five-match ban on Incheon and a 7 million won fine on 카지노사이트 Baek Jong-beom for the incident.

The punishment has been announced, but the controversy hasn’t died down. First of all, Suho Shin, an official Seoul supporter, believes that the punishment handed down to Baek Jong-beom is not fair compared to the punishment handed down to Incheon, who also caused a dizzying incident.

Suwon Samsung was fined 5 million won for throwing water bottles at fans last December, and Daejeon Hana Citizen was fined 10 million won for throwing a foreign object at a referee last September.

The remarks made by some members of the penalty committee are also under scrutiny.

Cho Nam-don, chairman of the punishment committee, said, “Why didn’t Baek Jong-beom show up? It’s an act of disrespect for the dignity of the federation if a player under discipline doesn’t come to the punishment committee for team training. The club should have paid more attention to this,” he said, causing controversy.

This has led some to worry that skipping the penalty committee has become a crime of omission.

“Cancel the discipline of Baek Jong-beom, the Korean Professional Football Association, who disciplines the victim of ‘Dignity,'” Kim Chan-hee wrote on the picket.

“I thought it was a ridiculous discipline from the victim’s point of view, so I quickly took action,” Kim Chan-hee told ‘News1’, adding, “A fine of 7 million won for just roaring is unfair compared to previous cases. If a drunk driver is fined 4 million won or a red salt thrower is fined 5 million won, but a roar after a victory is fined 7 million won, it is an unreasonable discipline.”

Meanwhile, Suho Shin said in a statement on the 16th, “All discipline should be accompanied by equity. However, the KFA imposes undeserved discipline on cases where there is no precedent, and imposes cotton-bat discipline on cases where there is precedent,” he said, expressing regret.

“The people who should be disciplined and condemned are the ones who threw the water bottles, not the players,” he said. The organization is also raising money to pay the sanctions imposed on Baek Jong-bum.

“I’m protesting alone, but I’m sure all Seoul fans feel the same way,” Kim said, adding that he hopes the K League will become a place where everyone is loved and has a good influence.

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