“Diplomatic friction”

In South Korea, and a prominent federal politician has reportedly proposed allowing 17 foreign-only casinos to launch mobile bets to recover faster from the damaging effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report by GGRAcia, Lee Sang-hun is a South Korean lawmaker whose “proxy gambling” proposal is to give people from abroad the ability to bet on table games in real time via mobile phones or tablets, allowing casinos to earn more. The source explained in detail that such a move could be further expanded to provide such streaming facilities to pre-registered foreign customers located somewhere in Jeju Island’s tourist-friendly South Korea.

Total shrinks:

Lee serves on the National Assembly’s influential Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee, and reportedly figures from the Korea Casino Association’s Trade Group showed total gambling sales in the country fell nearly 60% year-on-year to about $59.3 million in 2020. It says total casino employment fell 15.5% to 5,084 as coronavirus-related social safety restrictions, tight lockdowns, struggled nationwide.


GGRAcia did not clarify what the candidate meant by “proxy gambling,” but the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism reportedly opposed the Democratic politician’s proposal over concerns that the service could be illegally used by South Koreans, and the government was reportedly against controversial “diplomatic friction” targeting remote operators in China and other countries.

Protection Plan:

That part and Inside Asian Gaming reported that President Lee made a proposal earlier this year to revise the Local Tourism Promotion Act to allow land casino customers to gamble remotely through certified field agents. The source explained that he dismissed criticism of his recent proposal by noting that foreign-only gambling houses in Korea have no sales cap and that they will be able to guarantee compliance by implementing various security measures.

Lee declared that…

“Because the casino business is a pure human service that creates a lot of jobs, the decline in sales will soon lead to an employment crisis for casino workers.”


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