Concerns that he will be aware of it in the locker room

Redick is being mentioned as a candidate for Lakers coach.

Former NBA player Judonis Haslem appeared on ESPN on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) to talk about the LA Lakers’ managerial position.

After a disappointing season, the Lakers immediately put together manager Davin Ham. Having taken the helm of the team from 2022, Ham will step down before completing his contract term.

Attention is focusing on the appointment of the next coach. Lakers fans are even more interested in LeBron James because who will become the new coach can influence whether he will stay or not.
While several candidates are being mentioned, there are rumors that an interesting name is likely to be the Lakers coach. He is J.J. Redick, an analyst and commentator on “ESPN.”

Having lived a long life in the NBA as a sharpshooter, he announced his retirement from active duty after the 2020-2021 season. Having already been showing off his talk through personal podcasts, he has expanded his presence by entering the broadcasting industry.

He is currently the closest person to a Lakers coach. He is well-received even though he has no experience as an NBA coach. “Right now, J.J. Redick is the most ahead of the next Lakers coach,” said Yovanovitch, a Lakers reporter for The Athletic.

Ledick is known to have been close to LeBron, who played at the heart of the Lakers until the previous season. Born in 1984, he and LeBron recently launched a new podcast called “Mind the Game Pod” and has received positive responses. Some say that his contract could be a stepping stone to LeBron’s stay.

Meanwhile, a former NBA player expressed concern over Ledick’s move to the Lakers. He is Judonis Haslem, who has played for a long time in a team and is called one of the symbols of Miami’s hit culture.

Haslem was one of the players who knew the atmosphere, culture, and control of the locker room the most. His influence in the locker room was so great that he continued to sign an extension with his team to take advantage of his leadership even though he rarely played. For what reason did he think negatively of Ledick’s performance as a Lakers coach?

“If J.J. Redick becomes the Lakers coach, it will be a cynical locker room,” Haslem said. “Some people will say, ‘Will the coach do a podcast with LeBron James after the game?'”토토사이트

“If the Lakers decide that, it will be a cynical locker room with players who notice everything Redick has to say. You will wonder if that is Redick’s message or LeBron’s will,” he added.

Haslem’s story is that a good relationship with LeBron will not only have a positive impact. As mentioned earlier, Redick is a commentator, but he has no experience as an NBA coach or coach. In addition to Redick, James Borrego and Sam Casel, who have worked on coaching staff, are being mentioned as candidates.

On the other hand, there is another opinion. Austin Rivers, who once played with Ledick, said that he would rather have a managerial career in a rebuilding team with more young players than a team like the Lakers that puts pressure on him.

Rivers said, “I want to see Redick as a young team coach like the Washington Wizards. I’ve seen a lot of rebuilding teams take capable young coaches. I don’t want to see Redick be judged in a year or two. As you all know, Lakers coach is always a hot seat, so I don’t know if I’d really want to do that job.”

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