Casino du Charlevoix Attracts 34% Of Tourists, Announces New Study

The city of Quebec’s Salon de State could soon be relocated to a new area to have a positive impact on operations, but this could lead to deaths at local casinos. The new study aims to provide more information about the potential impact of the gaming hall relocation.

In the 2017-2018 period, it showed that about 34% of people traveling to the area do so simply because they wanted to gamble in Casino du Charlevoix. When it comes to game locations, you can always support your local host community with game revenue allocation, regardless of size.

Businesses are also one of the main drivers of the local economy, as they benefit from increased personal flows. Quebec City Game Hall could soon have a new permanent address if the previously announced United Avir Quebec plan comes to fruition.

A special study aimed at shedding more light on the current impact of the game center and the information it brings has met previous expectations and estimates. Between 2017 and 2018, about 34 percent of tourists to Charlevoix were doing so because of the variety of games available at casino sites.

About 25% of the athletes are permanent residents of Quebec City. The municipality of La Malbai has decided to carry out its own research on the subject, but another study will need to be published to actually consider the situation.

Lotto Quebec is currently conducting a self-evaluation of the Salon de State’s impact on Charlevoix and Quebec City, and the information it provides will be important to take further action. Emily Foster, a member of Parliament for Charlevoix Cote d’Boffre, pointed out that all conclusions are necessary. 슬롯사이트

Once both studies have reached conclusions and are thoroughly reviewed, action plans can be drawn up. Two parallel studies are necessary because they provide two independent perspectives on the situation. Once the information is gathered, Mayor Michel Couturierra Malbai will seek a personal meeting with Quebec’s prime minister.

The Lotto Quebec study will also help
For the time being, Mrs Foster thinks that this meeting may be postponed to a later date, but I think it should nevertheless be held. The mayor of La Malbai pointed out that communities should be given the opportunity to have a say in a situation that affects future financial conditions and support. A formal meeting is scheduled this Monday between Ms Foster, Prime Minister Couture and Deputy Prime Minister.

According to previous estimates, the relocation of the game hall to Charlevoix would have a fatal impact on the current operations of Casino de Charlevoix. To date, the latter location has experienced a 40% drop in staff and a slump in gaming revenue. If a transfer occurs, cannibalization of the field will affect both places.

Quebec Tourism Minister Caroline Frolex previously announced that games should be important and protected in the region. This is the support that La Malbaye Mayor Couture relies on. Casino de Charlevoix has been in operation for the past 25 years and such a hit could be devastating for the community.

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