Callaway Golf has launched the Korean Iron X Forced Star Plus.

We met with Brian Williams, vice president of Callaway Golf, and Ryan Rich, manager of R&D, who are at the forefront of developing Korean iron.

◆I’m curious about the background of the development of X-Forced Star Plus Iron targeting Korean golfers.
Brian Korea is the third largest market in the world and very important to us. As the market matured, we learned that global products cannot satisfy all golfers in each country. Of course, we have released Asian versions before, but through many conversations with Callaway Golf Korea, we learned that the Korean market is different and unique from the Japanese market. Korean golfers are more serious about golf than any other golfers in the world, and the standards for their products are very strict. We found out that what Korean golfers want was clear and wanted to provide an iron tailored to the taste of Korean golfers, not the Asian version.토토사이트넷

Ryan Callaway Golf is a company that puts the most emphasis on products. Developing new products is always a pleasure and motivates us. Callaway Golf’s R&D and infrastructure are among the best in the world. Based on this, we believed that we could create the best iron for the Korean market, not only for the needs of Korean golfers and their club forms, but also for the performance, batting sound, and batting sound.

◆I don’t think it would have been easy to make irons for Korean golfers, but I’m curious about the development process.
Brian Korean golfers have a higher preference for forging irons than any other country and should be able to satisfy everything. Therefore, Ryan’s team, who worked with the tour players, put in a lot of effort, and among the various factors, put in a lot of effort for the soft batting and good batting sound provided by the forging method.

Ryan Additionally, we conducted a variety of tests to give Korean golfers the feeling they wanted, and the typical one is the batting sound test. It is the process of numerically connecting the sound waves from the batting sound to the feeling of hitting based on the measured value, and I remember that there were many difficulties in this process. In addition, it was not easy to develop a head design to satisfy the feeling of hitting while optimally adjusting the center of gravity, head balance, and tolerance. The process of making X-Forced Star Plus Iron was almost similar to the process of developing an iron for tour players.

What are the features of the ◆ X Forged Star Plus Iron?
Ryan We were inspired a lot by the tour’s irons. The X-Forged Star Plus Iron exquisitely combines a top line that seniors will like with design elements that help them swing more comfortably. It also contains everything that Korean golfers prefer, including the best batting feeling, optimal offset and head size, and matte milky chrome finish provided by forging one piece using S20C soft carbon steel. In addition, the 50-degree and 56-degree wedges are made in a professional wedge style, further enhancing the completeness of performance and appearance.

Who is the target of the ◆ X Forced Star Plus Iron?
The main target of the Ryan X Forged Star Plus Iron is the middle handicapper. It is suitable for golfers who are looking for tour-quality iron but want an iron that allows them to float the ball more easily. We have maintained the overall flow of iron used by tour players while coordinating it to help the middle handicapper’s performance.

The Brian X Forged Star Plus Iron has a lot of technology in its smooth design. It’s a center of gravity position to optimize your ballistics, and it’s actually a bit of a big head design, but we’ve made a lot of effort to visually not make the club feel that big. The same goes for the wedge. It looks like a professional wedge used by a superior, but it’s slightly bigger and grinds the trailing edge, so even amateur golfers can make comfortable approach shots. So you can say it’s an iron set that can help golfers at different levels.

◆I wonder how the iron market is going around the world.
Brian First of all, golfers around the world want an iron that gives them confidence when placed in a bag while also looking for an iron to help them perform. There is a growing tendency to want an iron that is more modern and has a clean exterior and sleeker. After all, amateur golfers also want an iron that looks similar to what players use.

Ryan We refer to industrial design for developing iron. Design is competitiveness. Not only do you have excellent functional design, but it’s also important to have a fresh and beautiful design. However, design is not everything. You have to be able to produce proper performance. Some golfers want an iron that sends a ball farther away, but others value trajectory, spin, and descent angle more than distance. Of course, not all golfers with various requirements can be satisfied, but we are trying to make them confident that they have premium iron when choosing our iron.

◆Have you felt or learned anything while developing the Korean Iron?
Korean golfers pay attention to detail. Therefore, they looked into the details of a club and even checked the fine parts that could be helpful when they actually swing. A typical example is the trailing edge of a brush. By polishing this part, the club head escaped from the ground well, and the finish of the trailing edge was handled differently to make the brush’s thickness look thinner. I thought that I could apply the inspiration I received from developing the X-Forged Star Plus Iron to global products.

◆ There is a plus in the product name, and I’m curious about the meaning.
Ryan We went through various simulations, including robot tests, to make better irons.

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