Busan’s Park Jin-seop, who repeatedly missed promotion chances, “I can’t forget today’s tears”

After missing two golden opportunities to return to the top flight after a four-year absence, Busan I-Park head coach Park Jin-seop of the professional soccer K League 2 could not hide his deep regret and looked forward to the next.At the press conference after the away match against Suwon FC in the second round of the K League Promotion Playoffs (PO) at Suwon Sports Complex on the 9th, Park said, “I was disappointed with both the last game of the regular round and today. I’m sorry that the fans wanted us to get promoted, but we couldn’t do it.”Busan, which finished second in the K League 2 regular season this season and was promoted to the PO, played an extended match against Suwon FC, the 11th-ranked team in K League 1, but lost 4-6 on aggregate and failed to be promoted, and will spend the next season in the second division.

Busan, which took an advantageous position with a 2-1 reverse win at home in the first match on the 6th, and led by two goals in the first half through Choi Joon’s first goal, was dragged into overtime by conceding consecutive goals from the 33rd minute of the second half, and collapsed by conceding two goals in the first half of the overtime. “We had physical problems as injuries came out, and the atmosphere dropped, and I think the flow went over with unexpected goals in such a situation,” Park reflected.In overtime, he said, “Since we had physical problems, we decided to seek stability by dealing with counterattacks and fast styles in defense, and in attack, we substituted Kim Jung-hwan and expected to break through on the flank, but it didn’t work out as we conceded a goal.”In fact, Busan already had a chance to return to the top division through ‘direct promotion’ without coming this far. They were leading up to the 38th round of the K League Two regular season.However, they conceded a last-minute equalizer in the 39th and final round against Chungbuk Cheongju to draw 1-1 and lose both the league title and a direct ticket to the top flight to Gimcheon Sangmu, who beat Seoul Eland 1-0 on the same day.

The team then failed to protect its lead in the promotion PO and conceded a late goal, leaving a bitter taste in many mouths.Park said, “The last game of the regular season was more disappointing. The opponent was better today, and Cheongju conceded a goal that I wonder if I’ll ever see again in my life,” Park reflected.”The challenge is over, but we will do our best to improve and become a team that can be promoted again next year,” said Park, who vowed, “Goal determination and scoring power are the most important. I don’t think there will be any major changes in the squad, but we need to find foreign players to score goals and improve our finishing details.””I told the players not to be discouraged because a year of hard work doesn’t disappear in one game. “I told them not to be discouraged because one game doesn’t take away a whole year of hard work,” he said, adding, “I told them to forget about it quickly, but at the end I 스포츠토토존 said, ‘Remember the fans and the tears you shed today, and let’s not make the same mistakes next year.

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