“Believing in myself is the solution,” says Kelly, who is out of the tunnel of stagnation.

LG foreign pitcher Casey Kelly (34) has finally responded to manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop’s trust.

Kelly started in the game against 스포츠토토 Doosan on the 28th. And led the team to a 9-2 win with eight hits, three strikeouts and two runs in seven innings.

Kelly, the chain of three consecutive individual losses, the 17th. May started against Doosan in Jamsil on the 31st, escaped from the game against Lotte in Jamsil. May.

Kelly, who’s been with LG since 2019 and in 5. The year the KBO league was, it didn’t meet its name this season. In 18 games in the first half, he scored six wins and five losses with an average ERA of four.44 and surrounded by rumors of replacement. Coach Yeom, however, expressed his will to take Kelly at the end of the season.

However, Kelly had five runs in five innings, even against SSG on the 21st., his first game in the second half. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop announced his plan before the game and said, “I will do it with the idea of taking Kelly as much as possible for a break from the fight.”

LG spent 14 bullpen pitchers in the last three consecutive games against KT. Director Yeom said, “I have no choice but to wait. Kelly has to do her part to make it work normally. I’m desperate,” he said, expressing his wish.

And Kelly answered in a good tone. Kelly, who allowed 2.24 walks per game this season, attacked the Doosan lineup that day without a single playground. He held the mountain until the 7th. Inning with 101 boxes, he mixed a maximum of 150 km of fastballs, curve (29 km), track (19), slider (19) and changeup (5).

Kelly, the crisis of the first. And two. Base secure in two. Inning brought in, only allowed one run when Kim Tae-geun hit in time, and in the 7th. Inning hit lead batter Kang Seung-ho three times, but only gave one more run, which did not lead to a large number of runs. Not Austin Dean’s Home Runs and Moon Bo-kyung gave Kelly strength in the other line.

After the game, Kelly said, “I think it’s important to win a team, and it was nice to do that. He said, “Through the game, he did a good job of drawing as many innings as possible, so I’m happy and happy.”

As for the secret of coming back to life, I thought that trust in myself was the most important thing. That’s the top priority,” he said. “Looking back on the season, it’s true it didn’t work out the way we wanted it to. The more I do, the more I have no choice but to train hard, prepare well for the game and do my best as I’ve always done.”

The most important thing was thinking. “I’ve been thinking about the problem, but it wasn’t a technical problem,” Kelly said. She changed her mind well and tried to overcome it,” she recalls.

She also thanked her coaching staff for believing in her. She said Kelly “flirted with the director and the general manager too, and both were always supportive of me” and that she “went out and said, “Do what you can. Thank you so much for saying, “It’ll be fine,” she said.

She, Kelly, dreams of being on stage in a Korean series. He said, “I’ll concentrate on throwing one game at a time. You need to focus on a game instead of looking far away.” “The team composition is very good now and the atmosphere is good. It feels really good to play baseball together. I wonder if I’ll reach the place I want to do my best on the baseball field instead of a great determination.”

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