Belgium Lethargic at a Frustrating Frontline

Belgium drew 0-0 in the final third Group E match of Euro 2024 against Ukraine at Stuttgart Arena in Stuttgart, Germany, on the 27th (Korea time).

Irosso Belgium marked second place in the group with one win, one draw and one loss (4 points, 1 goal difference) and reached the round of 16.
It was not easy to pass the first round of the group league. Belgium was mentioned as one of the favorites as it was ranked third in the FIFA rankings, second only to France (2nd) among the 24 teams that participated in the event.

However, the team had a shaky start, losing 0-1 to Slovakia in the first group match. Fortunately, it beat Romania 2-0 and tied with Ukraine 0-0 to advance to the group stage, but it does not feel good about the aftertaste.

In particular, the team is agonizing over its offense. Belgium has shown problems in its aggressive side, with no goal in two of the three group matches.

For Belgium, Lukaku’s silence is worrisome. Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) are the core players of Belgium, where most of the key players, once called the “golden generation,” are retired.

Among them, Lukaku is an outstanding striker who has scored double digits in the recent 12 seasons. He has scored more than 10 goals every season regardless of his team or league, making him one of the best strikers in Europe.

But this Euro 2024 is falling short of expectations.토토사이트넷

According to TNT Sports, Lukaku had the most shots on goal by scoring a total of seven shots on goal in the three group matches. However, he has missed six critical scoring opportunities, showing regret in terms of goal-scoring ability. The sixth chance miss is also the highest number in the group matches at this year’s event.

After scoring three times on top of that, the VAR result canceled the goal, making it hard to laugh.

If Lukaku’s silence continues, Belgium’s leap to the top of major competitions will inevitably take a long way. Right now, Belgium is competing with France, a strong candidate, to advance to the quarterfinals. As it is the round of 16 teams that have to pack up if it loses, it desperately needs Lukaku to revive, who will give it a shot at the front line.

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