Baseball’s SSG finalizes signing of Lotte coach Bae Young-soo

The SSG Landers, a professional baseball team, is finalizing the hiring of coach Bae Young-soo (42).

SSG recently offered Bae the position of ‘first team pitching coach’.

Bae asked his current club, the Lotte Giants, for permission, and Lotte agreed to release him.

With Lee taking over the reins, SSG is moving quickly to organize its first-team coaching staff.

One of the candidates for the vacant first-team pitching coach position is Bae Young-soo.

Bae played as a pitcher from 2000 to 2019, compiling a record of 138 wins, 122 losses, 3 saves, and 7 holds with a 4.46 ERA. He ranks seventh on the KBO’s all-time wins list.

He had a long career as one of the most dominant right-handed aces in Korean baseball, winning the regular season MVP award in 2004, but struggled with a decline in velocity after elbow ligament reconstruction surgery.

After experiencing both highs and lows on the mound, Bae began his coaching career with the Doosan Bears in 2020 and moved to Lotte in 2023.

After starting 2023 as the first-team pitching coach and finishing the season as the second-team manager, Bae recently moved to the Lotte scouting team to prepare for the Chiba Lotte Merlins in Japan.

However, SSG offered him the position of ‘first team pitching coach’ and he wanted to stay in the dugout.

SSG plans to complete the recruitment of the coaching staff soon and announce the positions of the first team coaching staff. 안전놀이터

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