Allegations of sexual assault, FW, green light for return?

“I want to stay in Manchester United” → Main Sponsor is OK…Allegations of sexual assault, FW, green light for return?

According to a report by The Sun in the UK on the 30th (Korea Standard Time), Greenwood is eager to remain with Manchester United. He also confessed to his friends that he had ‘learned a lot’.

Greenwood was questioned in January last year on charges of sexual assault and assault on his girlfriend. After an investigation, he was indicted and excluded from Manchester United’s history. In February, the prosecution suspended the indictment, saying, “It is unlikely that a conviction will be made in reality by combining the withdrawal of testimony of major witnesses and newly revealed contents.” 토토사이트넷

However, returning to Manchester United did not seem easy. This is because there are opposing voices in the team. Manchester United reportedly did not include Greenwood in the squad for the next season. Manchester United manager Eric Tenhach said, “His return is not something I can decide or have authority to do. “It is necessary to recruit a striker,” he said.

His final fate is expected to be decided before the pre-season begins. However, Adidas, Manchester United’s main sponsor, had a “positive conversation” with the club about Greenwood. He supported Greenwood’s return to Manchester United. Adidas spokesman said, “As a sponsor, he does not affect the team.”

Greenwood is openly saying that he will rebuild his life and continue his career. He also became a father earlier this month and realized he needed to grow further. He said, “I learned a lot from people close to me.”

According to the media, Manchester United has set up a new training system and is monitoring Greenwood. However, Manchester United have been in contact with Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan for Greenwood’s loan transfer

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