A pleasant challenge of a batting average of .300, and a story of a nurturing player will also prepared

“I’ve been calling you since Manse”… “Capture – Outfielder” 2nd division. A pleasant challenge of a batting average of .300, and a story of a nurturing player will also prepared

Seo Dong-wook graduated from Hongik University this year and signed a training player contract with Lotte, wearing a professional uniform. After graduating from Suncheon Hyocheon High School, there were two draft failures after graduating from Hongik University, but Seo Dong-wook was not frustrated.

He said, “I went to college after filling up what I lacked in high school, and I didn’t get a professional nomination even after graduating from college, but Lotte contacted me as soon as the draft was over. So I came to Lotte thinking that I should work hard in a good mood,” he said. And in early May, he was immediately converted to an official player. “I thought, ‘It’s just the beginning,'” he said and started his official career.

Seo Dong-wook, who has a physique of 175cm and 88kg, has been a “natural catcher” who has been watching catchers since his amateur days. Until mid-August, Seo Dong-wook played as a catcher in the second division and even showed his batting talent. Then, he began training as an outfielder at the recommendation of the club in mid-August, and he is gaining practical experience by going back and forth between catchers and outfield.

Seo Dong-wook said, “I’ve only seen catchers since I started playing baseball in the fourth grade of elementary school. I’ve never played another position. He said, “I think I’m trying everything in the professional league,” adding, “I didn’t feel much regret about catcher.” Anyway, the main player was a catcher, and he was practicing the outfield for a while to play. “The club is taking care of me somehow, so I’m grateful and working hard,” he said with a smile.

“I’ve been practicing outfield since August 15,” he remembered exactly. As for the reason, he laughed, saying, “I sang ‘Mansae’ once while practicing for the first time that day.” He then said, “I thought, ‘It’s practice, so what’s the matter?’ ‘It’s not like I’m telling you to do well, so I’m just trying. I tried hard even if I made a mistake with that in mind because it was something I did during practice. “I’m working hard as I’m told,” he said adding, “I also thought the outfield was more likely to play.” That’s why I think I’m working harder,” he said pleasantly explaining his first outfielder training process.

The club’s practice in the outfield is also to increase the frequency of use as much as possible. Right now, the first division is equipped with solid main players and backup lineup such as Yoo Kang-nam, Son Sung-bin, and Jung Bo-geun. It is not easy for Seo Dong-wook to pierce his teeth. However, the batting ability shown in the second division was a waste to rot. He batted .328 (67 hits in 204 at-bats) in 62 games, 8 home runs, 44 RBIs, 47 points, and OPS.He has a record of 949.

On the 1st, he was scheduled to start as the seventh designated hitter at the same time as the call-up, but missed the opportunity due to the cancellation of rain. Acting head coach Lee Jong-woon said, “When I look at him as a second-tier coach, he is a player who is talented in hitting and has quick reaction for a catcher.” He has good concentration. He was the main hitter in the second division. He praised him, saying, “He is a charming player.”

The outfielder training process is also going smoothly. As a catcher, he said, “I’m confident in my shoulders,” and laughed, “I took care of him once in the open air.”

In the first division, he played three games and four at-bats, and played in the Futures All-Star Game, and he has a lot of experience in his first year of debut. “I think I had a good experience playing in the Futures All-Star Game,” he said adding, “When I was in the first division, I want to show that I am a good player and I am also catching hard in the outfield defense.” And whether I’m not in debt or my bat is broken, I want to make my first hit as soon as possible,” he said


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