52 points in 6 games entering the V League, ‘8th in history’

Korean Air and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance will face off in the fourth round of the V-League at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 16th. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance is leading with two wins and one loss in the opponent match this season.

Korean Air lost sets scores of 2-3 and 1-3, respectively, in the first and third rounds of away matches in Daejeon. In the second round, Korean Air won the game 3 to 0. The fourth round match will take place at Korean Air’s home ground.

The biggest variable in the confrontation between the two teams is Korean Air’s Murad. Murad made his V-League debut in the match against OK Financial Group on December 25, and in the fourth round match against Hyundai Capital on January 12, he was substituted in the first set and kept the court until the end. Murad scored a whopping 52 points on the day, taking 48.18 percent of the offense.

The record of 52 points in a men’s game is the eighth highest ever. The most points scored in a game are 58 points recorded by Garbin during the 2011-12 season when he was working for the Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance. Murad’s explosive offense stood out amid the 171 minutes of bloody struggle, the longest period in the history of the regular league.

The monster and the monster will face off. Attention is also focusing on the confrontation between Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance troubleshooter Yosvani Hernandez (registered name Yosvani) and Murad.

Yosbani also displayed strong performance in the match against Korean Air with an attack share of 50.01 percent and an attack success rate of 48.99 percent. However, in the match against KEPCO, the team faltered by setting a 13-point tie, the lowest score in an individual game this season.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance also lost three consecutive games, and is ranking third with 14 wins and eight losses (38 points). Korean Air is ranking second with 13 wins and 10 losses (40 points). The two teams are fiercely competing for second place.

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