2nd place in exhibition match’ Yeom Gal-ryang, there is only one thing that is disappointing ahead of the opening 

The LG Twins have won the final game of their exhibition series to finish in second place.

LG won 12-1 against Kiwoom in the final game of the 2024 KBO Baseball Playoffs at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Monday. LG finished second with a 6-2 record, while the loss dropped Kiwoom to last place with a 1-7 record.

Starting pitcher Kelly opened the game by allowing one run on three hits with three walks and three strikeouts in 4⅔ innings (74 pitches).

Kim Yoo-young came in to relieve Kelly in the fifth inning with runners on first and third, and pitched a scoreless inning with one strikeout. Choi Dong-hwan pitched one inning of one-hit, one-strikeout baseball in the sixth, Lee Woo-chan pitched one inning of two-strikeout baseball in the seventh, rookie Jung Jung-heon pitched one inning of one-hit, one-strikeout baseball in the eighth, and Lee Jong-joon pitched one inning of one-strikeout baseball in the ninth to close out the game.

The offense exploded for 14 hits on the day. In the second inning, they sent five consecutive batters to the plate for three runs, and in the third inning, they capitalized on two errors and three hits for a five-run big inning.

Oh went 2-for-2 with two doubles and one RBI, Park Dong-won went 1-for-3 with a double, Moon Sung-ju went 2-for-2 with a double and two RBI, and Koo Bon-hyuk went 2-for-4 with a double and two RBI.

After the game, coach Yoon Kyung-yup said, “The main players did a good job in improving their batting conditions during the exhibition game. On the pitching side, I think the starting and winning pitchers prepared a lot by improving their conditions. The only disappointment is that we expected the chasing group to improve, but we need to make them a little more stable as the season progresses.”

The chasing pack includes Yoon Hosol and Kim Yoo-young, who were signed as compensation free agents last year, left-hander Lee Woo-chan, right-hander Choi Dong-hwan, and rookie Jung Jung-heon. They will be hoping to support Jung Woo-young, Kim Jin-sung, Baek Seung-hyun, Park Myung-geun, and closer Yoo Young-chan to make the jump to the must-win group.

Before the match, Dye mentioned the chase group as one of the things he was disappointed with. “The chasing group is not as perfect as I thought it was last year. Now we have to fill it up 스포츠토토 over the course of the season, and it could be a big advantage to have a must-win group like last year. Whether it works or not, we’re going to try to do it. The players who went to the camp will get opportunities as they rotate, but it’s very important to see which players can establish themselves quickly.”

“I would like to praise the coaching staff and players for not having any major injuries during the camp and the exhibition games, and I hope we can build on the good results with the season,” said Yeom. “I am always grateful to the fans for their support in the cold weather.”

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