2024 season – ‘WINNING KT’ catchphrase

The new uniform, which will be introduced in four years, was produced in collaboration with designer JUMOTUBE and emphasized the meaning of the club’s name (wiz) and symbol, “magic.” 토토사이트넷

By combining the existing wordmarks, the company utilized Burst and Gothic typefaces reminiscent of “witch” and “magic.” Burst was added to the bottom of the wordmark to connect fans and players.

In addition, KT has announced its 2024 season catchphrase “WINNING KT (subtitle: WE ARE GREAT MAGIC).”
This year’s catchphrase used “WINNING,” reminiscent of the “Winning Series,” to express the club’s will to continue its great magic toward winning its second championship beyond reaching the postseason for five consecutive years. Following the 2023 season, the keyword “GREAT” was confirmed as a subtitle.

The logo image used a background depicting the magic staff and Suwon Janganmun. He emphasized the image of the club’s symbol, “wizards,” and expressed the club’s solid defense with Janganmun.

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