2023-2024 regular basketball league at Changwon Gymnasium on the 7th.

LG, which introduced a two-man game, helped Yang Hong-seok (22 points and seven rebounds) run a winning streak with 11 points in the third quarter alone. In the second half of the third quarter, Yang Hong-seok and Asem Maray succeeded in the two-man game, earning 69-60 points to bring about the mood.

“There were many games that we won by a lot of points, but today we finished the game in a close game. I think we have a lot of strength through that. At the important moment in the fourth quarter, (Yu) Yu-gi and (Jung) Hee-jae did a great job. I feel good to have the team as one,” Yang said.

Yang was sluggish in the early stages of the first round, but he scored double-digit points in the last three games, spearheading his team’s upward trajectory. “In the early stages of the first round, I had a calf injury, and there was a period of absence due to the national team’s selection, so I think it was a big reason why he couldn’t blend into the team system. I think it naturally melts into the team over time and a good performance comes out,” Yang said.

“I think Heejae is sacrificing a lot. He tells me how to do it for the team and he encourages me a lot when things don’t go well. If Heejae had been more greedy, I wouldn’t have had anyone to rely on and I wouldn’t have had a good performance. I’m very grateful,” he said, expressing his gratitude to Jung.

LG, which had played only away games since the game against Sono in Goyang on Sept. 25, played its first home game in 12 days. “The fans must have enjoyed the seesaw game,” Yang said. “I can’t forget the cheering sound of Changwon fans in the fourth quarter. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the fans. It gives me a lot of strength as they give me a lot of attention and support me all the time.” 토토사이트

Lee Kwan-hee’s appearance in “Solo Hell,” a popular entertainment show, is drawing a lot of attention from LG. When asked about this to Yang Hong-seok, he said, “I’m viewing it positively. Fans around the world will watch it, and I think it will bring huge success to LG Basketball and KBL. No matter who curses Lee Kwan-hee, I won’t curse.”

Yang also said, “I really want to go because it’s the last All-Star game before I go to the military. I’m grateful to be in the top ranks (of fan voting), but I want to go with my team (Yoo Ki-sang), solo hell Lee Kwan-hee, field commander Lee Jae-do, and 150+150+50 Maray. I hope many of them will be selected,” he said, not forgetting to promote his teammates.

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