“Time to Fall,”

Former secretary Moon captured the time he had assisted former governor Ahn for about seven years.

The author, who has been accompanying politician Ahn Hee-jung closest to him, warned that his downfall was already foreseen long before the Me Too incident, caused by the revelation of former political secretary Kim Ji-eun in March 2018, and that anyone in power could become the “second and third Ahn Hee-jung.”

Former governor Ahn served a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence in 2018 after being suspected of sexually harassing and sexually assaulting his accompanying secretary Kim Ji-eun several times. Former governor Ahn, who was released from prison last year and has been living in Gyeonggi Province, cannot run in the election for 10 years.

The author, former secretary Moon, was a person who supported Kim Ji-eun at the time of Ahn’s sexual crimes revelation. The book also includes former governor Ahn’s female character, the evils of fandom politics, foreign lobbyists who approach every overseas visit, and how he even found the masterminds as the election board went unfavorable.

Former secretary Moon said, “Since a long time ago, accompanying secretaries have always talked about the governor’s women’s issues when exchanging transitions,” adding, “I haven’t seen Governor Ahn’s relationship with women, and I have to protect it so that it is not known to the outside world.” 토토사이트먹튀

Regarding Ahn’s female ability, he also said, “Even during the tight schedule of the party’s presidential election, I turned my car to see a famous actress,” and added, “After hearing that the actress was in the studio for filming, Ahn visited the studio and pressed for ‘speed up’.”

Secretary Moon said, “I kept talking to the actress at the time, and she left the studio with an unpleasant look.” In addition, former governor Ahn said that he especially liked the dinner table with the female reporter, revealing, “I canceled the schedule to have dinner with a female reporter, and there was a case where a reporter was put in the seat next to the car.”

Currently, Moon is working for a mid-sized company in Gyeonggi Province. He said he will donate all of his royalties to the Korea Sexual Violence Counseling Center to help the victims recover.

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