The Toronto Blue Jays are in shock.

According to Yahoo Sports on the 24th (Korea time), Toronto’s top prospect Orelvis Martinez (23) has been suspended for 80 games for violating the performance-enhancing drug policy. Martinez made his Major League Baseball debut against the Cleveland Guardians on the 22nd, and the disciplinary action is considered even more shocking.

Jeff Bankruptcy of ESPN, a U.S. sports channel, revealed that Martinez’s drug was clomipen, a fertility treatment. In a statement released by the MLB Player Association, Martinez said he had been trying to start a family with his girlfriend and was prescribed medicine containing clomipen at a fertility clinic in the Dominican Republic. The player claims that he trusted the doctor’s prescription that “there is no problem.”

“We were surprised and disappointed to hear the news of Martinez’s suspension. We will make every effort to help Martinez learn from this mistake,” Toronto’s general manager Ross Atkins said. Since Toronto played 76 games (162 games) as of the disciplinary date, Martinez will not be able to return until the end of the season. “I accepted the suspension, taking full responsibility for my carelessness. I want to apologize to Buffalo, my teammates, the Toronto club, and most of all to the fans who supported me,” he said. 토토사이트 추천

Martinez, who hails from the Dominican Republic, had a batting average of 0.260 (61 hits in 235 times at bat) with 16 homers and 46 RBIs with Triple-A this season. His OPS, which combines his on-base percentage (0.343) and slugging percentage (0.523), is 0.867. He has displayed impressive destructive power by exploding 109 homers during his five years playing in the minor league. He also hit 30 homers in Double-A in 2022. He was ranked second after pitcher Ricky Tidman and the first outfielder in the “2024 Season Toronto Prospects Ranking” by MLB.COM, the official website of MLB.

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