The New Jersey Lottery announced that a large prize of $533 million has been claimed from its headquarters.

The winner is a food production manager from Michigan who apparently started playing the lottery. At a press conference in Trenton, New Jersey, he told reporters that he regularly passed the Mega Millions sign but never bought a ticket. This is because he unfortunately decided to buy his first lottery ticket after buying a 47-year-old colleague’s lottery ticket last month.

However, he decided to see Mega Millions tickets while at the gas station. Wall admits he only had $22 in his pocket when he went to a gas station near his home in Riverdale. The man bought them oil, diet coke, and the last two-dollar ticket he caught. Surprisingly, he was lucky this time and won the lottery on March 30. Jackpot was one of the largest jackpot in American history.

Is it exactly $500 million?
Jackpot winners in the U.S. rarely take home the full prize money. Wall received $533 million in prize money, but did not receive that amount. He chose the cash option to receive part of the jackpot as a lump sum. As a result, his bank tuition was on fire to $324.6 million, more than $100 million short of the announced jackpot amount. However, it can help many people with huge amounts of money to help them decide their lives and start charity work for their businesses.카지노사이트존

But there’s a second option. It’s about choosing a pension payment. Most lotteries offer winners much smaller monthly payments in the long run. Sometimes winners receive these payments for 10 or 20 years. But in the case of Richard Wall’s huge winnings, a significant amount of money is paid every month or year. Recently, a Canadian girl bought her first champagne ticket to celebrate her first teenage birthday lottery after consulting with her parents and financial counselors.

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