The Minden gaming business, which only operates slots, will become known as C.O.D. casinos.

“This is something we have been working on for a long time and it will benefit the community,” Marlena Hellwinkel said.

Helwinkel emphasized that the historic appearance of the 93-year-old garage will be preserved as site improvements take place. She said there are plans to display vintage cars, garage equipment, and auto memorabilia at the casino. The Hellwinkels said Small and Smeath pledged to invest more than $7 million in the project. The game operators plan to sublease space for bakeries and ice cream shops. “We are excited and well received by this business. The town believes that this will create more traffic to help support the existing business,” Small said.

He said that it could take 18 months, or maybe even longer, for the project to become a reality. The timing is expected to coincide with Douglas County’s plan to build a parking lot in the area. The proposal requires a zoning change and is subject to public hearings before the Minden Town Board, the Douglas County Planning Board and the Douglas County Board. Hellwinkel said the project is in line with Minden Plan for Prosperity, which aims to revitalize the core of the city.무료 슬롯

But she and Small acknowledged that they were likely to face resistance to the casino. “We’d be silly to think there wouldn’t be a game. But the game is already in the area (with the nearby Carson Valley people),” Helwinkel said. Bob Hadfield, chairman of the town’s board, said the project’s principals would have to define their plans clearly. Hadfield said, “They have to convince people that a small casino fits into the area.”

In 1999, the parkcaus company and carson valleyin suspended the satellite casino scheme at Gardnerville Ranchos after widespread opposition from the community. The 22,500-square-foot former garage, which is on Esmeralda Avenue and has been empty since April, is close to the city’s historic residence. Wynne Maule, a historian and author who lives in the neighborhood, said finding the use of vacant properties is important for the town. “It looks like a good plan to me. And maybe this will open up other opportunities,” Maule said.

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