Korean War tickets cost a whopping ‘180,000’… The performance was terrible the defeat proof of the reality of Chinese football

It was a game that showed the reality of Chinese soccer.

Rough play and home-field advantage were the biggest concerns for Huang Sunhong’s U-24 Asian Games 안전카지노사이트 soccer team when they were announced as their quarterfinal opponents.

They were worried about unsportsmanlike conduct that would negate the objective power differential and refereeing decisions that could make or break the game.

However, after the start of the match, these fears were all unfounded.

Hwang Sun-hong took complete control of the game from the start. Hwang brought out a customized strategy against China, including Park Kyu-hyun, Song Min-gyu, and Ko Young-joon, and it worked. After taking control of the game, South Korea took the lead in the 18th minute with a free kick goal from Hong Hyun-seok, followed by a goal from Song Min-gyu in the 34th minute.

The Chinese fans at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium were one-sided in their support of the home team, chanting “Cha-yo,” but a two-goal deficit in the first half dashed their hopes of upsetting South Korea.

China failed to threaten South Korea except for one shot that hit the post. That was an error by Baek Seung-ho. There was no offensive tactics or player quality, and the Chinese crowd cheered as the ball was cleared.

South Korea took their foot off the gas in the second half. Down 0-2, they steadied the ship in case China came out wilder. Korea played the game the way they wanted to, and China was forced to chase the ball and try to defend it.

On the ground, tickets for the South Korean game were being sold at high prices. According to a Korean fan who attended the China game, scalpers sold tickets that cost 200 yuan (about $37,000) in Chinese money for 1,500 yuan ($278), with the scalpers buying another ticket and reselling it.

The “chance to beat South Korea” led to higher ticket prices, but the disastrous performance revealed the reality of Chinese soccer.

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