Korea, U-18 Women’s Basketball Asia Cup, Completely Lost to Japan, Finishes in 4th Place

Australia beats China in final to win title

3rd-4th place match between Korea and Japan

Korea lost to Japan in the 26th International Basketball Federation (FIBA) U-18 Women’s Asia Cup and finished in 4th place.

Korea lost to Japan 54-69, by 15 points, in the 3rd-4th place match held in Shenzhen, China on the 30th.

Lee Min-ji and Yoo Ha-eun put in 19 and 10 points respectively, but their 2-point shooting percentage dropped significantly to 33.3%, making it difficult to properly pursue the team.

Korea, which finished in fourth place, secured a spot in the 2025 U-19 World Cup, which is awarded to the top four countries.

Korea, which lost to China the previous day and was pushed into the 3rd-4th place match, hit 4 3-point shots against Japan in the first quarter and fell behind by a large margin of 4-25.

In the second quarter, they pursued with Lee Min-ji at the forefront, but were unable to stop Japan’s Kokoro Tanaka (22 points) and Himeka Sone (10 points), ending the first half with a score of 22-37. 슬롯사이트

Korea, which played an even match in the second half, narrowed the gap to 49-61, 12 points, with consecutive scores from Yoo Ha-eun and Lee Ga-hyeon (7 points) in the middle of the fourth quarter, followed by a free throw from Lee Min-ji.

However, Korea was blocked by Japan’s defense and made several turnovers, unable to narrow the score gap any further.

In the final that followed, Australia defeated China 96-79 and came out on top.

Australia led the team to victory with Saffron Shields scoring 31 points and Monique Williams scoring 12 points.

China’s 220cm center Zhang Ziyu played hard, scoring 42 points, but other players were unable to help.

Australia, which led 49-42 in the first half, was overtaken by China at one point in the third quarter.

However, Australia scored 28 points in the fourth quarter and comfortably outpaced China. 파칭코 게임

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