K League 1 Gwangju FC changed their minds Uhm Um-seong moves to Swansea City in a ‘rapid move’

Uhm Um-seong was responsible for Gwangju FC’s additional goal.

Uhm Seong, a key resource of Gwangju FC in the K-League 1 professional soccer league, is expected to achieve his dream of advancing to the European stage through this summer’s transfer market.

According to Yonhap News coverage on the 30th, negotiations between Gwangju FC and Swansea City of the English Professional Football Championship (second division) have reached the final stage.

If Swansea City accepts Gwangju’s final offer, Um Ji-seong’s transfer will be confirmed.

An official from the Gwangju club said, “We are not at the stage to say that the transfer has been confirmed,” but added, “We have decided to allow the transfer of Um Ji-seong at the club level, and we are coordinating the details (with Swansea City) accordingly.”

In fact, Gwangju was deeply concerned about the transfer of Uhm Uhm-seong.

Unlike last season, which had a successful year by taking 3rd place, the club’s highest ranking in K League 1 history, Gwangju suffered 11 losses in 19 games this season.

Among the 12 K League 1 teams, Gwangju has the most losses. With 7 wins, 1 draw, and 11 losses, Gwangju (22 points) is currently in 8th place.

The point gap with 10th place team Daegu FC (20 points) is only 2, so they could easily fall into the relegation zone.

In this situation, the departure of Um Ji-seong, a key resource for Gwangju’s ‘Lee Jeong-hyo-ho’, is a huge loss of power.

Born in 2002, Uhm Ji-seong, who grew up through the club’s youth system, has been in charge of developing creative attacks by switching between the front line and the second line according to coach Lee Jeong-hyo’s tactics.

Even if Um Ji-seong transfers, Gwangju cannot recruit additional players, making his absence even more painful.

Gwangju, which received ‘conditional approval’ in the short-term budget review early this year due to its failure to comply with the financial regulations newly introduced by the Korea Professional Football League, must spend this transfer market ’empty-handed’.

Additional player registration is not possible until the club’s actual revenue rises to the level stated in the budget.

However, the reason Gwangju changed its stance proactively was because it decided to respect Um Ji-seong’s will to advance to the European stage. 카지노사이트

Swansea City, which initially offered a transfer fee of 1 million dollars (approximately 1.4 billion won) along with a sell-on clause that would return a portion of the transfer fee to Gwangju if he were to transfer to another club in the future, is also known to have raised the conditions during the negotiation process.

Unlike his peers who won the Hangzhou Asian Games last year and received military service benefits, Um Ji-seong, born in 2002, must serve in the military.

As such, we are in a position where we cannot afford to take our time in advancing into Europe.

Yang Hyeon-jun, who is the same age as him and played as Gangwon FC’s ace last season, also publicly expressed his discontent in the joint press area and other places when the club that received the offer from Celtic (Scotland) announced a ‘no transfer’ policy.

In the end, Gangwon, whose power was weakened after sending Yang Hyun-jun to Celtic, suffered from the fear of relegation until the end of the season, but barely succeeded in remaining in the first division after the promotion/relegation playoffs.

If this transfer is completed, Uhm Uhm-seong will become the second Korean player to play for Swansea City, following Ki Sung-yong (FC Seoul).

Swansea City, led by coach Luke Williams, ranked 14th in the 2023-2024 season championship with 15 wins, 12 draws, and 19 losses. 토토사이트 추천

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