“If you catch Portugal, you’ll shoot 14.7 billion won, if you catch Spain, you’ll shoot 43.1 billion won.”

Portugal lost 0-2 to Georgia in the third Group F match held at Arena Aufshalke in Gelzenkirchen, Germany at 4 a.m. on Tuesday (Korea time). It failed to win three consecutive matches.

There are no problems in advancing to the round of 16 teams. Portugal has two wins and one loss (six points) and passed the group qualifying round as No. 1 in the group.

As Georgia ranks third in Group F with one win, one tie and one loss (four points), it has acquired a berth to advance to the round of 16, which is given to the top four teams among the third-ranked teams in each group. It is the first time that the team has advanced to the round of 16 for the first time in history.

Portugal, which has already made it to the round of 16 early with two consecutive group wins, has launched a rotation against Georgia. João Félix, Cristiano Ronaldo, Franciscu Conceição were on the offensive line, while Pedro Netu, João Neves, João Paligna, and Diogo Dalot kept the midfield. Gonzalo Inacio, Danilu Pereira, and Antonio Silva were on the defensive line. The goalkeeper is Diogo Costa.

The game went unexpectedly from the beginning of the game. Georgia scored the first goal in the second minute of the first half. Silva’s easy mistake came from the back of Portugal. Georgia, which had a chance to counterattack at once, cut the Portuguese net with a left footed shot.

Portugal, which allowed one goal, continued to move diligently. Ronaldo played as a free kick kicker in the 16th minute of the first half and aimed for a goal in person. However, the goalkeeper was blocked due to stellar defense. His shot from inside the box at the 34th minute of the first half was also defended well.

To make matters worse, Portugal started the second half one goal behind. In the 10th minute of the second half, Silva stepped on Rochosvili in the box and the penalty was declared after VAR. Georgia put forward Mikautaze as its kicker. He scored.

Portugal made a change in the 21st minute of the second half by excluding Ronaldo and Silva, and introducing Gonzalo Hamus and Nelsong Semedo. However, the team failed to achieve the desired result. It failed to recover even one goal.토토사이트넷

Georgia finished the match with a 2-0 win. As this is Georgia’s first competition, advancing to the round of 16 teams is literally a huge “happy” for them. They are aiming for a bigger upset in their advance to the round of 16 teams. Spain, the top contender in Group B, is the likely winner of this year’s event.

The round of 16 match between Spain and Georgia will take place on July 1. Georgia already has more than its main match, but the team is aiming for a “giant killing” by banking on its teamwork with superstar Kvaratshelia. There were some fun events in the country as if reflecting such enthusiasm.

Vizina Ivanisibili, one of the richest men in Georgia, promised to donate 30 million Georgian rira (about 14.7 billion won) to the national team and the association for the first time to reach the round of 16 in the Euro. This was not the end. She promised 90 million Georgian rira (about 43.1 billion won) if she wins the round of 16.

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