His identity turned out to be Joseph Catalanik of Richmond

A retired fisherman who dreamed of this moment all his life.

He is the biggest lottery winner in British Columbia, which came with the July 26 Lotto Max regular draw.

Over the past few weeks, British Columbia has been eagerly anticipating a winner of a cash prize of C$60 million. On July 26, the Lotto Max Bonsang asked for congratulations because it was the largest lottery win in the state.

Lotto Max came with a Canadian $60 million jackpot
A few days after the draw, the British Columbia Lottery Company said the winner was from Richmond because it was where the lucky ticket purchase was made the purchase. Mr. Catalanick eventually prepared for success at a local seapair shopping mall.

Lotto 6/49 will drop CA$9 million jackpot in Ontario, more winners expected
His ticket matched all the numbers needed to win the main but he still found he couldn’t believe he was the winner. The Richmond resident scanned his lottery ticket at a 7-Eleven convenience store, but all zeros in the Lotto Max Jackpot were so unrealistic that it seemed untrue.

I reassured them that the Quebec Lotto millionaire couple’s 4-year-old would be fine
To avoid confusion and check again, I went to another convenience store, but the figures were the same, and I needed a glass of whiskey to see the target and calm down, Catalan said.

Quebec Online Player Bags 1,004,723 Canadian Dollars, Lotto Jackpot Remains Undamaged
Since he was planning how to organize his life after that, he hesitated to collect the prize money almost all four weeks. His daughter was the first person to learn that her father was now a millionaire. In the long weeks when the prize money remained unclaimed, field experts feared that when it was all said and done, no one would claim it.

Ontario Confirms C$26M Jackpot Winner
Now that the prize money is in his hands, the winner wants to go to Europe and explore his parents’ hometown as well as go on vacation to Hawaii with his family. While British Columbia is hype about the winner’s identity, the world will soon know the names of the winners of the Lotto MAX $26 million.

Quebec Player Wins $7M Lotto 6/49; Lotto Max Still Swells
The Ontario Lottery and Game Company announced this Thursday that a prize claim will be made soon. The St. Thomas couple were able to win the Lotto Max Bonsang on Aug. 6 and have been checking out the lottery since then, hoping the entire state will be the winner. This week, their faces will be revealed at the OLG Prize Center in Toronto.

Canadian $26M Lotto Max Jackpot Flies To St. Thomas, More Cash In Quebec
Ontario also recently congratulated another winner from Bracebridge, who is now 10,000 Canadian dollars richer. Doug Durin played a double diamond lottery game and was able to win a prize of as much as 10,000 Canadian dollars, becoming another lucky Ontarioian to thank for the immediate lottery for his transformed life. 무료 슬롯

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