“Have courage!” A European volleyball legend tells her players in a moment of crisis

“It’s nice to win, but…”

Coach Marcello Abondanza doesn’t smile as he enters the interview room. His first words were a reflection on the hard-fought victory.

Heungkuk Life won the second round of the Dodram 2023-2024 Season V League Women’s Division against Hyundai E&C at the 토토 Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon, South Korea, on Wednesday, 3-2 in a full-set match. They took two points.

We turned around the situation in the first set. She dropped the second and third sets, but took the fourth after leading throughout. In the fifth set, he completely destroyed his crumbling opponent.

“It’s good to win, but we didn’t start well,” Abondanza said after the match. In the fifth set, the players’ choices improved, their concentration increased, and they played the way they had prepared.”

“I’m satisfied with the way the players followed through with our preparation. I could see the improvement,” he said, but added that “we still need to make better choices in clutch moments.” In particular, he repeatedly emphasized the word “courage,” saying, “I want them to be more courageous.

In particular, Lee Ju-ah’s 12 points and four blocks stood out. Coach Abondanza said, “Her concentration and energy were very good. Yelena was not at full strength today as she had some shoulder pain.”

On the other hand, regarding Asia quarterfinalist Reina Tokoku, she said, “Her natural position is apogee, but she does a good job as a middle blocker. Even now, her offense is more of an outside hitter. Even in training, she doesn’t just play as a middle blocker. We will continue to ask her to play as a second attacker.”

As usual, Abondanza was unhappy with the officiating on several occasions. “I think you can see it clearly enough in the game,” he said.

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