Director Shandong Choi Kang-hee clearly denies being appointed to China

Shandong Taishan will face Incheon United in the third Group G match of the 2023-2024 Asian Football Confederation Champions League at Incheon Football Stadium on the 25th.

Currently, Shandong beat Kaya Iloilo (Philippines) in Group G, but lost to Yokohama Marinos (Japan), recording one win and one loss.

Shandong coach Choi Kang-hee, who attended the press conference before the game, said, “It is the third group game. Tomorrow’s game is really important. “The result of the match against Incheon can determine whether to advance to the round of 16,” he said. “There was an injury in the last game, so we cannot use our full strength.” I’m sorry about that, but I’ll do my best to make good results,” he said.

“It’s a new feeling because I’m playing in Korea for the first time in a long time. But what is more important than that is the confrontation with Incheon. I think Incheon is a really tricky team. Therefore, we will have a fierce battle in tomorrow’s game,” he said.

The match is an important match that will determine the top group stage of Group G. It is also drawing attention in that it is a game in which Choi Kang-hee returns to Korea for the first time in a long time and directs.

Choi led Jeonbuk from 2005 to 2018 and achieved nine league wins, three FA Cup wins and two ACL wins, transforming Jeonbuk into a strong team. In particular, during this period, Jeonbuk transformed into a popular club with performance and box office success with the hot attacking soccer team style of “Dakgong (Shut Up and Attack).”

Since then, Choi has advanced to the Chinese stage in 2019, led Tenjin Quanjian, Darren Yifang, and Shanghai Shenhua, and took the helm of Shandong this season. Coach Choi Kang-hee, who quickly changed the team’s chaotic atmosphere and reorganized the team, brought Shandong to the top.

Shandong is second in the Chinese Super League this season. With 53 goals in 28 games, he is showing constant offensive soccer enough to rank second in the league’s most goals scored. But the problem is injury.

At the press conference, Choi Kang-hee drew a clear line on the recent rumors of the appointment of the head coach of the Chinese national team.

Director Choi said, “The story coming out of China is fake news. I’m not thinking about the national team coach at all,” he affirmed. “I thought Incheon would be difficult in the away match in Yokohama, but I won a big victory. Incheon’s characteristic was very good. Incheon has recently lost few points and is strong defensively. Therefore, if you play aggressive soccer like the Super League, you can have difficulties. However, since we also have to produce results, we have to mobilize all of our power to face Incheon,” he stressed.

In particular, Choi stressed that it is not at all about the story of the Chinese national team. After the official press conference, Choi shook his head, saying, “If the Chinese national team proposal comes, I will fly to Korea the next day.”

Choi Kang-hee, who is active in China, is strongly supported by Shandong players. Wang Dalay, who is playing for the Chinese national team, said, “When the coach was in Jeonbuk, we faced off, but we lost every time. I thought he was a very strict director, but now he’s completely different. I’m having a happy and enjoyable time,” he explained.


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