Cheongju Shinshung High School’s Kim Jae-won, who almost made the U16 national team, had a reason to be good

Although the victory was a bitter pill to swallow, the performance of Kim Jae-won (196 cm, F,C) was definitely worthy of attention. Cheongju Shinshin High School A coach Kim Young-hyun was also full of praise.

Cheongju Shinshin High School sophomore Kim Jae-won started the 2024 Korea Secondary School Basketball League Weekend League matchup against Sangsan Electronics High School at the Cheongju Shinshin High School Gymnasium on Saturday and finished with 31 points, 14 rebounds, four assists, and one blocked shot. The points were the most for both teams. Led by Kim’s performance, Cheongju Shinshungo withstood a late charge from 홀덤 Sangsan Electronics in the fourth quarter to win 84-74 and record their first win of the weekend.

As the record shows, Kim’s presence was unrivaled. He led the team’s offense through a variety of offensive routes, including layups, hook shots, and the occasional three-pointer.

There were some dizzying moments. In the fourth quarter, Cheongju Shinshungo faltered as they allowed their opponent to make a huge run, but Kim Jae-won stepped up at every turn to save the day. Kim scored 15 points in the fourth quarter alone. “It was a shame that we didn’t finish well because we could have easily won the game,” he said, and smiled when asked about his performance in the shootout, “But I gritted my teeth and worked harder because I wanted to win.”

Kim Jae-won’s biggest strength is his step. His footwork was impressive, as he stepped out from under the goal with a relaxed movement.

“I’m confident in my footwork, but I’m more confident in my mid-range jumper. However, today, my mid-range jumper was a little less good than usual. The foot release technique has been my main weapon since elementary school because my teachers taught me the basics well,” he said.

Cheongju Shinheung High School coach Kim Young-hyun said, “First of all, his physicality is very good. His athleticism is excellent compared to other players his age.” “His biggest advantage is his attitude towards basketball. He is always positive and tries to accept what the coach asks. He even keeps a detailed training journal (laughs). He is very sincere about basketball.”

After graduating from Jungang Elementary School and Joo Sungjung High School, Kim Jae-won went to Cheongju Shinheung High School and was recognized for his skills enough to be selected for the U16 national team last year. Unfortunately, he had to withdraw from the national team due to a fractured wrist.

“He suffered a lot when he didn’t make the U16 national team, but he’s a very positive personality, so he’s overcome it well and is now on his feet,” says coach Kim Young-hyun. Basically, he is passionate about basketball and has a good mentality. He’s only a sophomore, so if he stays humble and works on his basketball game, he’ll become a better player.”

When asked who his role model is in this first interview since elementary school, his answer was a bit unexpected. “My senior at school, Yoo Min-soo (Korea University). I want to emulate his natural physicality,” Kim said. He added, “I need to strengthen my weight and physical strength. I want to refine my weaknesses and become a player in the spotlight like Yoo Min-soo,” he said.

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