Brazilian media shocked Messi by reporting that he had a meeting with a broadcaster from Argentina, citing social media posts that were really unclear from the source.

In particular, an Argentine broadcaster named Sophia Martinez said in an interview with Messi during the Qatar World Cup last year, adding that she knew him well, as if Messi had committed the crime. The allegation later turned out to be “fake news.”

Daniela Seman, wife of Fabregas, who played with Messi’s best friend in Barcelona, immediately denied rumors of an affair, saying, “What is this meaningless… is it a wrong publication?”

However, the person who disclosed his relationship with Messi this time is the person involved. He is a paid model who shows his body for money. The Daily Star recently reported that the model who bullied Neymar claimed that Messi sent him a DM.

The woman, Fernanda Campos, has already exposed her relationship with Neymar, prompting her to take her two-month-old daughter with her. The Brazilian woman said she had an inappropriate relationship with Neymar, leaving her fiancee, Bruna Biancardi.

This Campos shot Lionel Messi this time. According to the article, the social media star Campos claimed that Argentine legend Lionel Messi desperately wanted to see him without his wife Antonella Rokuzo knowing.

The claim came not long after Messi’s wife, Rokuzo, said she had a fourth baby.

Campos, who has 730,000 social media fans, said, “Messi sent a direct message to his social media. He reportedly communicated with them through this message.토토사이트

According to Campos, Messi begged her, “Where can I see you? I can’t open it. Where do you live in Brazil?” Because it’s a paid site, you can’t enter recklessly. You have to pay to sign up and watch it.

“Messi saw my story five days ago and liked it,” Campos added. Messi then began to press “like” on some of Campos’ posts and became intimate with each other. Campos explained, “I liked some of Messi’s posts again today.”

Meanwhile, Campos once said he and Neymar spent a pleasant night in Brazil. Last June, they met on Lovers’ Day, which is Valentine’s Day in Brazil. The two reportedly became close through social media during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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