‘Between academics and basketball’ P4U basketball class Lee Hyo-sang

“I want to play basketball only as a hobby, and I’m confident that I’m not only good at basketball, but I’m also good at studying. I always get 95+ in math (laughs).”

On the 23rd, the first round of the U15 division of the ‘2024 Games Bucheon, Siheung Basketball i-League’ concluded at Daeya Elementary School Gymnasium. A total of eight teams participated, and P4U succeeded in reaching the quarterfinals and qualifying for the podium.

Lee Hyo-sang (182 cm, Wolgot Middle School 2) said, “This is my second time playing in the i-League after last year. I was nervous, 텍사스홀덤사이트 but I had a lot of fun,” he said.

Lee Hyo-sang was introduced to basketball naturally. He first encountered basketball in the sixth grade and was introduced to the sport by a friend. “I started playing basketball because of my friend. It was fun to dribble and shoot. I grew more than 10 centimeters taller,” he said.

P4U’s basketball class, based in Ansan, emphasizes passing rather than individual offense. In addition to scoring, Lee Hyo-sang also benefited from P4U’s focus on passing. He created a lot of excitement with his teammates by scoring through great passing plays.

“It’s the result of a lot of coordination with my teammates. We usually practice a lot of passing plays without dribbling. I’m proud that our hard work paid off. I also want to thank my teammates for their support.”

“I want to play basketball only as a hobby, and I am confident that I am good at studying as well as basketball. I always score above 95 in math (laughs),” he said.

Unlike his wide-eyed and aggressive rush to the rim on the court, he is a quiet middle school student off the court. When asked what he wants to be in the future, Lee Hyo-sang laughed and said, “A rich man,” and although he doesn’t dream of becoming a basketball player, he is looking forward to the next I-League.

“I want to continue to enjoy basketball through the I-League, and I want to improve my shooting and do better than this time in the next I-League,” he said.

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