Baek Seungyeop, Han Jaehyuk, and Kim Myungjin from Dongguk University

“Dongkuk University has only Han Jae-hyuk as a leading guard. If Han Jae-hyuk is the only one who plays tight, the ball will not spin,” said the university’s coach ahead of the match. However, Dongguk University had Baek Seung-yeop. In the last game against Dankook University, which was important, Baek not only scored his own goal but also shook the opponent’s defense to create chances for his teammates. He also showed outstanding determination in the fourth quarter.

Baek Seung-yeop, a third-year guard, is considering making inroads into the professional leagues early in the season. Was that so? He seemed to overdo it at the beginning of the season. However, he has regained stability through repeated matches. He is now looking at his teammates throughout the game. He is second in both steals and average assists. He also complies with a success rate of 47.8 percent for two-point shots and a success rate of 33.3 percent for three-point shots. However, he is still agonizing over the fact that he still tries too many shots.

Han Jae-hyuk also showed off his strengths in Dankook Daejeon. He ran 27 minutes and 56 seconds, scoring 8 points and 11 assists. He made 2 3-pointers by throwing 3s. Han Jae-hyuk is No. 1 in assists in the league. He has an average of 1.17 more than Lee Min-seo from Yonsei University. His 3-pointers are making 1.5 shots per game with a 39.6 percent success rate. The second-grade guard from Yangjeong High School is now the leader of the team’s backcourt.

Han averaged six points and 3.9 assists last season. His average score this season is 7.2 points, not much different from last year. What has changed significantly are 3-pointers and assists. The 3-point shooting success rate of 31.8 percent has increased to 39.6 percent. The 3.9 assists have increased to 8.5. The average playing time has increased by about six minutes, but the assists have more than doubled. Han’s average playing time this year is second in the team.

Kim Myung-jin, a big man from Hwimungo, is also a sophomore. Kim has recorded 24 block shots, the most in his team. He is the second-highest total after Lee Dong-geun of Korea University. He is 10th overall in rebounding. He has many offensive rebounds. He is sixth in offensive rebounding. Dongguk is third in both rebounding and block shooting.

What changed Kim Myung-jin greatly from last year is his scoring ability. He averaged 6.4 points last season. This year, he jumped to 15.9 points. His 2-point shooting success rate increased from 39.5 percent to 55.8 percent, and his 3-point shooting rate increased from 13 percent to 31 percent. The number of 3-pointers he made per game last year increased to 4.2 this year. As his shooting distance increases and his success rate increases, he also increases his chances of success in the KBL.

Sungkyunkwan University Kang Sungwook, Lee Min, Gu Mingyo

Sungkyunkwan University is a team that requires a lot of player changes. Its trademark pressing defense and fastball require a lot of physical strength, and Sungkyunkwan University coach Kim Sang-joon manages his physical strength through frequent player changes. Kang has 1 hour and 26 minutes more playing time than runner-up Lee Kun-young. He plays more than 8 minutes per game. He is the only player in his team who plays more than 30 minutes on average, and this figure confirms Kang’s weight within his team.

Kang has the most points, assists, and steals in his team. Steel is third in the league and sixth in assists. He has the most 3-pointers in his team, and his success rate is also high at 38.3 percent. The two games that Ku was absent showed high scoring ability with an average of 23.5 points. Kang also played for nearly 38 minutes in the last game of the first half against Hanyang University, recording the most points and assists in his team.
Sungkyunkwan University’s No. 1 scorer and No. 1 in average rebound is freshman Gu Min-kyo. The talent of a young promising player who shone in the 19-year-old national team last year is also competitive in college. Gu’s record in the first half was 16 points, 7 rebounds, and 3.6 assists in two blocks per game. Gu’s average score is fifth in the league. His block shots are third in the league. Gu’s only freshman ranks within the top five in two individual categories.

Sungkyunkwan University’s first three games of the season were one win and two losses. Since then, the team tied for fifth with five wins and two losses. Gu Min-kyo became the top contributor to the victory, scoring 25 points and 24 points in the second round against Chung-Ang University and Dongguk University, respectively. He also showed strong performance in the fourth quarter with 12 points and nine points. With the addition of Gu Min-kyo, Sungkyunkwan University’s frontcourt competitiveness has increased.

Lee averaged 4.8 points and 2.2 rebounds last season. He is averaging 12.7 points and 6.4 rebounds this year. His 2-point shooting success rate of 53.6 percent rose slightly to 57.5 percent. His free throw success rate, which was recorded at 15.4 percent, rose sharply to 76 percent. Lee, who averaged 12:22 a.m. last season, ranks fourth in his team in terms of playing time this season.

Sungkyunkwan University suffered an unexpected blow in its last game against Hanyang University in the first half. Sungkyunkwan had 21 fewer rebounds than Hanyang University, which has a low average height. No migrants came out for the game. The powerful big man, who kept his team’s frontcourt throughout the first half, intensively supplemented his speed and defense last winter. And now he has become a big influence on the team’s performance.

Lee Kyung-min and Hyung-woo from Chung-Ang University

This season, Chung-Ang University had 15 players on the court. However, there is no good replacement for Lee. Lee spent 29 minutes and 27 seconds per game on the court, the most in his team. He is the first in his team with 5.6 assists and eighth overall. Steel is second in his team after Hyung-woo Yoo. His three-point shooting success is tied with Kang Hyun-soo. He is also second in scoring after Seo Ji-woo.

Lee Kyung-min is a grown-up tree who averaged a double-double (16.2 points, 10.3 assists) for the season when he was a third grader at Kyungbok High School. That’s why he has been on the court for more than 20 minutes on average since last year’s rookie season. The 3-point shooting success rate was low at 15.8 percent, but he got a chance. This year, he has been increasing his success rate to 27.8 percent. The second-year guard, who has advantages in compliance with ball handling, passes, and visibility, is also rapidly developing his 3-point shooting abilities.

The strength of Yang Hyung-woo, who recorded the first triple-double in four consecutive games during his high school years, is his “aircraft balance.” That’s why he is also a role model, Yang Dong-geun. The defense team is praised a lot by Chung-Ang University coach Yang Hyung-seok. However, he did not have the confidence of his high school days. He scored 2.6 points per game last season. He increased his score to 6.3 points this year, but the figure is still not satisfactory.

The 3-point shooting success rate went up from 20 percent to 32.1 percent. Again, it is not satisfactory, but what is more important is that he has been steadily growing. His influence in defense is getting stronger. His two steals per game rank No. 1 in his team and No. 4 overall. He has the second most rebounds (5.4) and assists (4.4) in his team. He is loved by the coaching staff for his high efficiency compared to his playing time.

Kim Sun-woo and Shin Ji-won of Hanyang University

On July 2, Hanyang University beat Sungkyunkwan University in the enemy territory. Hanyang University’s players had a higher willingness to win, and that turned out to be the difference in activity. Hanyang University, which is short in average height, had 21 more rebounds (51-30) than Sungkyunkwan University. Kim Sun-woo, a 175-centimeter short guard, also had five offensives rebounds. When it comes to long rebounds, the will is more important than the height.

This year, Kim ranks first in his team in terms of time spent in games. Despite his small stature, he ranks third in rebounding within his team, No. 1 in assists, and No. 2 in steals. His attack indicators including scoring have all decreased compared to last year. However, we cannot let Lee’s energy, which cannot be converted into numbers, remain on the bench. We also have high expectations for his shooting sense of the last season, when he recorded 43.2 percent success rate in three-point shooting.토토사이트 모음

Shin Ji-won is the guardian deity of Hanyang University. There are no replacements. Ryu Jeong-ryeol, who is 207 cm tall, is accumulating experience, but he still needs time and experience. Shin averaged a double-double in the first half with 14.3 points and 11 rebounds. He is third in the league in rebounds. His average score is second in the team and 14th in the league. His total score is first in the team and ninth in the league.

Shin Ji-won, who is a senior this year, has averaged more than 20 minutes since he was a freshman. He is consistently posting records with an average of 7.3 points and 5.4 rebounds in 2022 and 9.4 points and 6.4 rebounds in 2023. This season, he has become more mature in his finishing concentration and has risen to the ranks of the top big men in college, and Shin Ji-won’s growth is raising Hanyang University’s chances of making the playoffs for the second consecutive year.

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